How Verified by Visa Works and Why You Should Use It


The modern world is hard to imagine without online stores. Their number is constantly growing because many people have business ideas that are easy to implement via the Internet. However, online businesses need to protect themselves and customers from fraud, and special security technologies are used for this. For example, customers may notice the inscription Verified by Visa when making purchases in online stores. Let’s talk about what is VBV and how it helps to protect users.

What is Visa verification?

Verified by Visa is a way to pay for purchases with a bank card, which provides a high degree of protection for online payments. Payment by Visa payment system card is carried out using a special identification procedure. The authentication system establishes the cardholder’s identity thanks to a special password provided by the card-issuing bank. This ensures the security of payments.

Let’s now proceed to how Verified by Visa works. When making a payment, a request is made to the bank that issued the card. In this case, the client sees a special window where they need to specify the code. The code type is determined directly by the bank. For example, it can be a pin code for online transactions or a password that the user sets. It is also possible to use one-time passwords. To date, the most popular ways to receive such Visa codes are SMS messages or emails.

What is 3D-secure?

Another important aspect to be aware of is the 3D-Secure technology. This is a technical solution developed by Visa that protects users from online fraud risks. The 3D-Secure technology implies confirmation of a card transaction using a one-time code that is sent to the cardholder’s phone.

This online system does not work in all online stores but only in those that have specifically connected to it. The corresponding logos indicate the connection on the sites, as well as in the dialog boxes.

There are three parties involved in every payment transaction:

  • Issuing bank. This is the financial institution that issued the buyer’s card. The bank controls the process of paying for goods from the buyer’s Visa account and transferring funds to the seller’s account.
  • Acquiring bank. This is a financial institution in which a special merchant account is opened, to which payments for goods and services are received. Acquirers serve the online store that receives the funds and control that the money is credited in accordance with the volume of the transaction.
  • Payment system. This is the payment provider or other financial institution that makes the payment. In fact, it acts as an intermediary in the transfer of funds.

The main feature of 3D-Secure is that it identifies the client and informs that the bank has received a request for a financial transaction at the same time. If this is an unauthorized transaction, the client will not confirm it and can quickly contact the bank to clarify the circumstances.

Benefits of 3D-secure

3D-Secure technology has many different benefits. There are three key advantages of using it for clients. They are the following:

  • Security guarantee. Any payment requires confirmation with a one-time password, valid for only 10 minutes. If the transaction is unauthorized, the client will not lose funds.
  • Simplicity. Payment occurs automatically after confirmation. There is no need to contact the call center or customer support to obtain a password.
  • Convenience. There is no need to remember the password because a one-time code will immediately be sent to the client’s phone number.

As for online stores, they provide customer security with 3D-Secure. This is an important reputation boost. In addition, when using this technology, a liability shift occurs. This means that it is not the online store that is responsible for possible fraud but the issuer.


The problem of online fraud is one of the key ones for e-commerce websites. There are many ways to solve it. Solutions such as Verified by Visa card help provide additional customer protection. Technologies developed by Visa add additional levels of identification and verification. This greatly reduces the risk of fraudulent activity. At the same time, the client can save their money, and the online store saves its reputation.

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