Termins: Expired Card Handling

Expired Card Handling

What is Expired Card Handling?

Expired card handling allows the payment service provider to detect and update expired credit cards. This increases the level of authorization. The cards stored in the business database expire monthly. The account number does not change; the client still wants to pay for the service, but when a payment is made with this card, it is canceled, or the gateway does not accept it at all due to credit card expiry.

Expired card handling allows you to detect such cards and update their expiration date in the database, so that expired information does not lead to the loss of subscribers and, accordingly, profit. If payment details are updated on time, businesses can relaunch a payment and recover up to 90% of payments that were not processed initially due to expired cards. First of all, this is important for companies that operate on a subscription model. Most of their customers only enter payment details once, and they expire after a month. If the current information is not updated on time, the payment will not be processed, and the client may not notice this or completely change their mind about paying for the product or service. Accordingly, handling cards is of great importance for the conversion and profit of the company.

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