Termins: Fraud Management System

Fraud Management System

What is Fraud Management?

>What is a fraud management system? It is a set of measures aimed at detecting and preventing illegal financial transactions. Online stores and other e-commerce companies use anti-fraud systems to prevent possible fraudulent activities.

>An anti-fraud system is a complex monitoring system that includes a huge number of filters. There may be dozens or even hundreds of them. These filters define the following risk metrics:

  • >The number of transactions in a given time.
  • >The amount of a one-time payment.
  • >The number of card users.
  • >The presence of restrictions on the volume of purchases, etc.

>Depending on the results of the security checks, the antifraud system can approve the transaction or cancel it. If the transaction has suspicious signs, the ecommerce fraud management system will not allow it to be carried out. This protects companies from various types of illegal activities, such as payments from a stolen bank card or orders for a chargeback.

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