Termins: Interstitial Ad

Interstitial Ad

What is an Interstitial Ad?

What are interstitials? These are full-screen ads that completely cover the interface of a site or app. Typically, these ads appear as you transition between content, such as during a break between required actions or when moving from level to level in a mobile game. The main difference between interstitial ads and other types of online advertising is that interstitials cover the entire screen and do not allow you to interact with the content on the page.

Interstitial advertising may include text, video, images, and other types of multimedia content. Users can navigate to the advertised page or product by clicking on the ad or close it to continue interacting with the main content.

The closing time of such an ad depends on its type. For example, image-only ads can be closed immediately. Video ads usually cannot be closed until the video has played completely, or have a timer.

Today, interstitial advertising is considered an obsolete type of online ads, as it blocks the ability to interact with content. Google pessimizes sites that place such ads in the SERP. For this reason, this type of advertising is now used mostly in applications, such as free mobile games. Placing ads of third-party advertisers allows developers to earn.

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