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What is cPanel?

What is the cPanel? One of the well-known Linux-based dashboards for managing hosting accounts is called cPanel, according to the definition of the control panel. It is regarded as the industry standard for website creation and is utilized by many programmers. cPanel's responsibility is to offer convenient service management in one location. The meaning of cPanel is that its user-friendly layout means making managing your accounts simple. Choosing the best host to meet the needs of your WordPress site is essential.

How does it work

cPanel is offered by web hosting companies to let users access their web server, websites, and other files and settings, including email, DNS, databases, and FTP. It offers a graphical user interface for managing files, databases, emails, FTP accounts, etc.

Advantages and disadvantages

Platform benefits include:

  • well-developed structure when working with email;
  • creates stable work;
  • interaction with all web browsers;
  • ensuring a high level of security.

However, its major shortcoming is the need for advanced settings. Other disadvantages include the following: it reacts problematic to unusual servers due to the old engine; it develops slowly; it is impossible to enter the panels in some networks, as non-standard ports are used. Moreover, outdated versions of PHP need to be supported.

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