Termins: Digital Commerce

Digital Commerce

What is Digital Commerce (eCommerce)?

What is digital commerce? This question comes up quite often, although many people go into e-commerce even though they can’t define e-commerce. So, what is e-commerce? Digital commerce is the sale of goods or services over the Internet. E-commerce is found in completely different areas of the market. If a business provides consumers with the opportunity to purchase goods or services from PCs, tablets, smartphones, and other devices, this is e-commerce. Today you can buy anything online, from music to books, from plane tickets to English courses. Therefore, eCommerce today is a universal technology that has changed the whole world.

E-commerce is the process of selling and buying goods or services over the Internet, as noted above. This process involves several parties and exchanges payment data to complete a transaction. It is part of a larger industry, e-business, which includes all the operations that a company needs to sell products on the Internet.

E-commerce has greatly expanded opportunities for many companies. First of all, small businesses benefited, which were previously very limited by geography. Thanks to the development of e-commerce, anyone and from anywhere can buy any goods and services, paying for purchases in a few seconds.

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