Termins: Digital Products

Digital Products

What are Digital Products?

What are digital products? They are intangible assets that can be resold and redistributed over the Internet without restocking. These products often come in downloadable or streaming digital media files – for example, MP3s, PDFs, videos, plugins, templates, etc.

Digital products cannot be held, tasted, or touched. Still, everyone consumes them, from music to videos, from professional software to online courses. Many entrepreneurs create entire businesses around these intangibles due to their popularity and ease of distribution or launch digital product lines in addition to physical goods or services.

Ecommerce for digital products has many advantages that make it a very profitable business niche:

  1. Low overhead: you do not need to keep the goods in stock or incur shipping costs.
  2. High profitability: there are no recurring product costs, so you keep the majority of your sales as profit.
  3. Possibility of automation: orders can be delivered instantly, so you don't have to worry about fulfillment.

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