Termins: Credit Card Authorization Code

Credit Card Authorization Code

What is a Credit Card Authorization Code?

A credit card authorization code is a set of 5-6 random numbers that the issuing bank generates to verify the bank card every time you use it to purchase a product or service.

After the cardholder requests the transaction, the issuing bank sends a message with an authorization code to confirm or reject the transaction. The confirmation of the transaction depends on whether the user has sufficient funds on the card or a credit line. If the card is compromised (the bank has information that the card was counterfeited or stolen) or the client does not have enough funds to make the payment, they will receive a message rejecting the transaction. The code in this message will match the specific cancellation reason.

If the card is valid and there are enough funds in the account, an approval code for the credit card will be sent in the message, which can be used to verify the completion of the transaction.

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