Termins: Electronic Storefront

Electronic Storefront

What is an Electronic Storefront?

Electronic storefronts are eCommerce solutions for merchants who want to list and advertise their products online. An eCommerce storefront can include various elements, from secure payment gateways to shopping carts. Online storefronts are a great solution for those merchants who, for example, don't have the skills or time to set up and manage a full-fledged online store.

At its core, electronic storefronts are very similar to online stores. The page presents the products and services offered by the company. There are also images of products, descriptions, and other media content, information about prices, and the ability to pay for the purchase directly on the website, thanks to the connected payment system. Most often, merchants also provide contact information on the storefront so that users can contact them directly should they need to.

Some online storefronts also include an analytical interface to collect statistics and develop online sales, and predict demand for the next periods based on it.

When building a storefront, merchants typically pay for a one-time setup and then are charged monthly or yearly to use the platform's features. Sometimes the price list depends on the number of goods or services listed on the storefront.

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