Termins: Manager Module

Manager Module

What is Manager Module?

What is the meaning of the module? The manager meaning and module meaning incorporate the understanding of a technology that increases the invoice for incoming and outgoing transactions. The manager handles regulatory charges and laws in this field and helps with cross-border payments.

Features work

A manager module enables restricting, filtering, and controlling payment approaches according to certain principles. By creating procedures and functions in the built-in language, the management system allows you to increase the capabilities of managers offered by the system. It enables you to specify methods for configuration objects (like directories) that refer to the configuration object rather than a particular instance of the database object.

The benefits of the system

The overview of advantages:

  • One benefit is that the system's job is to help the user in hiding or display the appropriate payment method.
  • According to the criteria specified in the module settings, customers carry out this activity at the checkout stage and view the description.
  • Clients with profiles have the option to limit or filter payment options.
  • Credit card payments with high security, the most popular accepted payment services, are managed by the module's activities.
  • The manager keeps track of all payment transaction records.

You may detail sales in the manager system as well. It makes it possible for cardholders to examine and access all pertinent transactional data.

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