Termins: Open-Access Network (OAN)

Open-Access Network (OAN)

What is OAN?

What is OAN? The OAN meaning "Open Access Network" (OAN), describes a horizontally stacked network architecture in communications that distinguish between service delivery and actual network access, according to the OAN definition. An open access network is one in which many services provide offerings concurrently over the same access communications infrastructure, allowing users to select the supplier from which they will buy their goods. In open network access, the owner or management does not support services to the network; instead, each retail service provider must do so.

How it works

To minimize conflicts of interest, "Open Access" refers to a specialized and narrowly defined business model in which an infrastructure owner restricts its payment operations to set value levels. Internet service providers (ISPs) have an open market and platform to offer value thanks to the infrastructure provider. He keeps its neutrality and independence while offering ISPs on its network with uniform and available pricing. It never goes up against ISPs.

Benefits of the system

Among benefits:

  • Multiple service providers can provide services concurrently and on an equal basis, thanks to open access networks.
  • It offers clients a natural selection in a market where competition is nonexistent.
  • Service suppliers may be aware of the potential for an inventive challenge from rivals via an OAN.

Moreover, one ISP can only utilize the infrastructure to defend its rates and shield itself from outside innovation when it owns the infrastructure.

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