Termins: Merchant Category Code (MCC)

Merchant Category Code (MCC)

What is the MCC code?

A merchant's kind of activity when accepting bank card payments in a trade or service company is categorized by a 4-digit number called a merchant category code, according to the definition of what is merchant category code. This type of number is sent electronically as part of a transaction for the products or services offered.

What is it?

What is an MCC code? The credit card company's code consists of four digits. It lists the product, service, and business of the merchant. An MCC might be employed in the US to ascertain if a sale's information has been sold for tax reasons. The IRS created ISO merchant category codes in 2004 to simplify 1099 reporting for business cardholders.

How it works

The MCC functions as follows: 

  • Visa, MasterCard, or whichever payment card company, the merchant, chooses to partner with will designate the number.
  • Since the provided MCC will be unique to a particular class, the tax office can determine the nature of the stores goods being sold from it.

A variety of organizations and purposes employ trader category codes application. You may observe how card networks, retailers, customers, and payment service providers use them for your particular objectives.


Finding partner retailers who provide exclusive deals with your card issuer or the retailers you frequent most can help you start earning cashback with MCCs. Examining the billing text on a customer's statement after a transaction is complete is the most straightforward approach to discovering one's MCC. It might display the four-digit code or list the category's name.

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