Termins: Smart Routing

Smart Routing

What is Smart Routing?

What does routing mean? An artificial intelligence-based solution called Smart Routing for electronic payment routing in trading enables you to manage transactions locally and internationally while maximizing the coverage area according to the routing definition. By applying rules in real-time in the market and configuring processes across multiple channels (accounts, currencies, banks), intelligent routing enables you to manage results and customize potential situations to meet business requirements.

How it works

When customers select the "buy now" button, the transaction is routed to the most appropriate acquiring bank center. Smart routing does everything possible to enhance the likelihood that the transaction will be approved by considering the trader's current order, the seller's position, the seller's currency, and the kind of credit card. If the payment is unsuccessful, it will automatically be sent to the other fund. Logical analysis is another feature of the routing meaning utilized to increase the success of payments for upcoming transactions.


Among the advantages of the technology:

  • Increasing payment throughput. It determines the path for each transaction based on user preferences, contact availability, region, card type, currency, and device type.
  • Cost-cutting financial optimization.
  • Extending the restrictions.

Experts establish intelligent payment rules for each customer. The specific choices for filters, cascade, and percentage splitting decide which path the payment will take.

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