Termins: Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-Factor Authentication (2FA)

Two-factor authentication, often known as 2fa meaning, is an extra security precaution requiring you to input more data than just your password and account email when accessing the control pane, according to the definition of two-factor authentication.

What is it?

Verifying someone's identity to access a computer system or online account and avoid fraud is known as authentication, according to the 2fa definition. There are three primary types of authentication: knowledge-based (using something we already know, like passwords or PIN), possession-based (using something we already have, like a phone or ID card), and property-based.

How does it work?

2FA procedure:

  • When using a website or program, the user is requested to log into their account.
  • The user enters the first security factor by entering his name and password.
  • The second secure step of the account - the user must affirm that they own an object that satisfies the second security requirement.

The user then inputs the security key, the website authenticates him, and then he is given access.

Pros and cons

A regular password system plus two-factor authentication offers greater security than simply utilizing login credentials. The availability of two-factor authentication allowed for the prevention of several assaults. It is infrequently employed, despite its ability to increase an organization's security. The dread of the user interface's complexity or reluctance to comprehend how this degree of protection may be employed to obtain the most outstanding results is frequent justifications.

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