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Triple DES

What is Triple DES?

What is triple DES? Triple DES is a symmetric block 3des cipher to get around the DES algorithm's flaws. The speed of tripledes is three times slower than that of DES. Still, its cryptographic strength is substantially more significant (168 bits). DES in cryptography is less frequently employed than 3DES. If the only stages in DES were permutation and S-boxes, an attacker would need to learn the specifics of the algorithm and then do each step backward to get the original message. After December 31, 2023, three-key DES is disallowed for encryption unless permitted by NIST counsel.


PGP and S/mime are only two examples of web-based programs that use three-key 3DES. In ANSI X9.17, ISO 8732, and PEM key management, Triple DES is a reasonably common substitute for DES. The electronic industry uses the 3DES standard cipher in payment processes, actively developing and publishing standards based on it. 3DES encrypts security system and user data in Microsoft OneNote, Microsoft Outlook 2007, and Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 2012.

Pros and cons

Among the advantages of this encryption:

  • Triple DES is built on the DES algorithm and makes it simple to adapt current software to use this system.
  • It is three times slower than DES but, when implemented correctly, is substantially more secure.
  • It also offers the advantages of a longer key and tested dependability.

Among drawbacks - It could be faster, especially in software, since it was built for hardware implementations. It has a length that prevents various attacks that may be used to lower the time.

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