Termins: Credit Card Account Number

Credit Card Account Number

What is a Credit Card Account Number?

A credit card account number is a unique number that is written on your debit or credit card and is its identifier. There are no and never will be two cards with the same numbers in the whole world. The account number of credit card is personal and is required for making online payments.

The credit card number consists of 16 digits which you can see on the front of the card. It is not recommended to share the full card number with other people and indicate on sites that you do not trust, although today, the card number alone will not be enough to commit fraud.

It will also be interesting to know that the numbers that make up a credit card number are not random. Each number has its own purpose and contains certain information about the bank and the cardholder.

So, the very first digit is an industry identifier. Together with the next five digits, it makes up the Bank Identification Number (BIN). For example, the account number of a Visa card always starts with 4, and all MasterCard cards start with 5. The last digit is a special digit for error checking. The remaining nine digits are the cardholder's account number.

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