Termins: Customised Modules

Customised Modules

What is Customised Modules?

Many payment services offer specialized tools that give the data information, including reports about geolocation. Customized modules are the system that handles the client connection according to the meaning of what is customized.

What is it?

What are customized modules? They contain default fields to collect information, much like default modules, but are tailored to your needs. It is a customized meaning. Additionally, you may design custom fields with certification to add your new module, import old ones, and keep pertinent information. They include sales force automation, marketing, customer support, accounting, collaboration, and reporting.

How does it work?

What can custom modules do:

  • Target data management.
  • Opportunity management. It allows you to track sales and the individual products included in those sales.
  • Create sales forecast. For each sales record, expected action scenarios are defined.

CRM allows you to work with standard sales, marketing, customer support, and inventory management modules. You can edit most aspects of the standard module to suit your requirements. The settings and exclusions differ depending on the module you want to change.


You may classify and keep track of several elements of your organization using CRM software modules, like sales, marketing, customers, products, meetings, and others. They are shown as tabs with names like Leads, Contacts, Deals, Tasks, etc. Using lookup fields, you may connect your module to others.

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