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What is CVV?

What is credit card CVV? The CVV code (Card Verification Value) is a special three-digit code found on the back of the card. CVV is the designation used on Visa cards. On MasterCard bank cards, the abbreviation CVC (Card Verification Code) is more common, although, in fact, it is the same thing.

So, what is CVV on a card and its purpose? CVV code is one of the means of bank card verification. It is used when making payments online. You must specify in the payment gateway it along with the card number and card expiration date. CVV is always applied on the back of the card; this is necessary for security so that a possible fraudster who can see the number and date on the front does not receive the last “key” to your money.

The CVV code is an important security tool. Therefore, you need to be careful with it. Never share this code with anyone. If you are asked for it, there is a scammer in front of you. Even bank employees are not allowed to ask for your CVV code, as well as a PIN code. When paying for purchases with a physical card, bring it to the terminal with the front side. This is necessary so that fraudsters who may be near you do not see the CVV and so that video cameras do not record the code.

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