Termins: Back-End


What is Back-End System?

Software development is divided into two main parts – the front end and the back end. If the front end is what a person can see visually on the site, the back end definition applies to the “innards” of the site. It provides the logic of the site and the interaction between the server and the content. In general, the back end system looks like this:

  • Getting information from the user.
  • Processing of received information on the server.
  • Getting the response and converting it to a form that the user can read.

Back end development applies to any site. For example, in the case of e-commerce backend, each customer request must be processed. Information about a request for the purchase of a particular product or service is sent to the server, which processes the information and issues a confirmation that the order has been accepted or declined (for example, if the product is out of stock).

It works the same way, for example, with payment gateways. After specifying payment information, the data is sent to the server, and the user receives a response about a successful or unsuccessful transaction. Back-end development is carried out only by specialists who know the programming languages ​​of certain servers.

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