Termins: Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure

What is Hypertext Transfer Protocol Secure (HTTPS)?

What is HTTPS? HTTPS (short for HyperText Transfer Protocol Secure) is an extended version of the HTTP protocol that supports strong encryption using the encrypted SSL and TLS protocols.

Today, modern web browsers consider all sites running on the HTTP protocol to be insecure. In particular, Google actively monitors possible data interception, promoting a secure connection. Today, HTTPS is needed by any company that:

  • Collects contact information on the site, including any user information (not just payment data);
  • Accepts payments on the site;
  • Monitors the security and reputation of its site and does not want reputational losses;
  • Wants to increase the site's position in search results through search engine optimization.

The presence of HTTPS is especially important for transferring data on sites where confidential information is used. This includes the personal data of users, bank card data, passwords, and so on. According to modern standards, encryption protects such data and prevents leakage.

To transfer data using the HTTPS protocol, you must install an SSL certificate of the appropriate type on the web server. For example, there are certificates for only one domain or all subdomains.

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