Termins: Download Insurance Service (DIS)

Download Insurance Service (DIS)

What is a Download Insurance Service (DIS)?

DIS stands for Download Insurance Service and is a quite popular option among online stores offering digital products. DIS allows users to redownload files they have already purchased over an extended period. They can do this by using the generated link or logging into their platform account.

Download Insurance Service allows customers to be sure that the electronic products they have purchased (for example, an online course) will not disappear after the first download and will be available for some time.

The seller determines the period during which content can be downloaded again. For many services, this is a year or two. In some cases, the store offers DIS to customers for an additional fee. If you do not pay for this additional option, access to download content will be one-time. If the buyer loses or deletes the digital product, they will not be able to restore their purchase and will be forced to pay for it again as there will be no backup.

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