Termins: Dynamic 3D Secure

Dynamic 3D Secure

3D Dynamic

According to the securely meaning, a global payment system technology is 3D Secure. It is a widespread and secure means for carrying out different payment activities through the Internet. By inputting a one-time password, the cardholder enables such identification. When the process is completed, the bank automatically sends it by SMS message to the account holder's mobile phone.

What is it?

3d dynamic provides additional security when making payments on the Internet, which is part of the MasterCard Secure Code and Verified by Visa global programs to avoid fraud. Programs are designed to ensure the safety of online shopping through additional identification of the client.

How it works

The cardholder must provide a 3d password, typically four or six characters, in a specific window when selecting a static or dynamic 3d secure form. When a customer makes a payment online, it serves as an additional security safeguard.

You place the card into the reader and input the PIN while purchasing at a typical retailer. Just input the card number, expiration date, cardholder name, and CVC in online retailers.

What are the features?

A one-time dynamic code is used for active authentication. The bank offers it via SMS messages to the client's mobile phone or email for inputting and carrying out transactions. The overview of features:

  • System rules supersede dynamic 3D security rules.
  • The regulations are uniform. The 3D-secure-supported operation will use it if none of the rules are effective.

A unique client is the only one for whom activities follow the merchant's regulations.

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