Termins: Visa Risk Manager (VRM)

Visa Risk Manager (VRM)

What is Visa Risk Manager?

Visa Risk Manager (VRM) provides an efficient online platform for issuers to manage real-time rules to reject high-risk purchases/wallet requests and identify suspicious payments that require further investigation.

What is it?

The visa manager powers the secure web interface called Visa Risk Manager (VRM). It offers a whole suite of solutions for managing fraud. Issuers can control rules to prevent risky purchases. It enables the flagging and prioritization of shady assets in an account that needs to be looked into further to see if the cardholder did them.

How does it work?

The Manager was created to give issuers the ability to learn more about fraud loss. By providing customers with a decision-making mechanism for transaction management, the instruments of VRM also increase profitability. It outlines the criteria used to flag a transaction for scrutiny to provide guidelines for closing possibly fraudulent transactions. Thanks to the Manager, the entire transaction lifetime may be managed with intelligent decision-making.


Principal benefits: 

  • It seeks to provide worldwide issuers with comprehensive, end-to-end visa risk management with speed and simplicity of implementation. 
  • You may improve authorization performance by combining real-time insights from Visa Advanced Authorization and customer transaction risk management system techniques with the platform. 

Global issuers may use the system's comprehensive on-the-fly risk assessment tool to make more focused and knowledgeable authorization choices.

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