Termins: Bulk ordering

Bulk ordering

What is Bulk Ordering?

What is a bulk order? This term means ordering certain goods in a large batch. Wholesale involves a one-time order of goods in large quantities. As a rule, they take goods in bulk for subsequent resale. These can be stores that later sell goods at a retail price or large warehouses that also sell wholesale but in smaller batches. Also, a wholesale order can be made, for example, by various establishments, car repair shops, or any companies that deal with all kinds of consumables. Bulk ordering is applicable to any product.

Wholesale can be large or small. The seller determines what is considered a large wholesale order and what is small. Mass ordering is always cheaper than a single order. Many stores set a special wholesale price for certain goods, which differs from the retail price by 20-25%. In addition, various discounts are often applied to bulk orders.

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